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In the bustling dance of life, Unleash Your Inner Peace invites you to step into a world where time slows and you feel completely nurtured and supported.

Life can be a whirlwind of responsibilities—balancing family, work, and the myriad of stressors life throws our way.


How do you prioritize well-being in the midst of this?

Discover the Art of Being over Doing: At Unleash Your Peace, we understand the challenges of navigating life's demands. We believe in creating a haven where you can step away from the hustle, embracing the gentle art of being rather than constantly doing.

A Trifecta of Self-Care - Dogs, Yoga, Reiki: Meet Teresa, your guide to a unique journey of self-care. Her trifecta of self-care—dogs, yoga, and reiki—is a blend that transcends order and quantity. Teresa invites you (and your furry friend!) to experience the magic of these practices.

Specialized Yoga Experiences: Teresa specializes in crafting unique yoga experiences tailored for everyone, especially those beginning to explore their spiritual journey. From the novice to the seasoned practitioner, her goal is to help you nourish your nervous system and feel grounded.

Unleash Your Inner Peace: More than just a tagline, Unleash Your Peace is a promise. It's about guiding you, our cherished guest, on a transformative journey where the spotlight is on your well-being.

🌺 Your Ideal Sanctuary Awaits: Are you beginning to explore your spiritual journey? New to the wonders of reiki and yoga? Unleash Your Peace is designed for you—the ideal customer avatar seeking a haven of tranquility, ready to embark on a path of discovery.

Whether you bring your dog to yoga, snuggle up for a dreamy yoga Nidra gong bath, or join me for a magical reiki healing session... the lightheartedness, laughter, and deep rest supports how we respond to stressors, nourishes your nervous system, and can shorten the refractory time stress held in the body is experienced - preventing burnout.

Thinking of trying yoga or returning to your mat?

Reiki curious?

Check out my classes below (or in the dropdown menu at the top of the page) - welcoming all experience levels. My style is fun loving, heart-centred, supportive, soft, and small class format. No pretzeling required. 


Take the First Step

🌿Embark on a journey to explore your inner sanctuary of well-being.

🌿Scroll through our offerings and discover the magic of "YOUnique" yoga sessions, indulge in customized Reiki experiences, or join empowering Reiki classes.

🌿Your invitation to customized self-care awaits—at, where time slows, and your spirit is nurtured

Rustic Beach Path

Services - Designed for YOU

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Heading 5


Teresa is a kind and mindful yoga instructor. Her class was so relaxing. I'm not entirely comfortable with yoga. She made the class easygoing. 

-Laura, Hamilton



I haven't been able to relax this deeply for at least 3 years - yes, 3 years, even though I routinely meditate. Absolutely everyone needs Reiki & Restore in their lives.  Every. day. I was so refreshed after the session that I feel like I could tackle many hours of work. But, instead, I'm going to enjoy my cup of relaxing tea. Thanks, for that, too, Teresa.

-Susan, Niagara Falls

Teresa is such an amazing facilitator and teacher. Her kind, calm energy and voice is truly soothing. Since attending her Relax, Restore, Receive Reiki Infused Relaxation Session, I have felt such a calmness and peace. Thank you Teresa! You are such a blessing.

-Marybeth, St. Catharines


Teresa is an amazing facilitator, she creates a safe & loving environment that supports everyone to allow grounding oneself, healing & releasing what no longer serves us. I highly recommend her!

-Chris, Niagara Falls

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I acknowledge the honour it is to teach from traditions that are not of my own and the white privilege that I have that enables me to do so. As a settler I am grateful for the opportunity to meet on aboriginal land and thank all the generations of people who have taken care of the land for thousands of years. In particular, I acknowledge the Anishinabewaki ᐊᓂᔑᓈᐯᐗᑭ , Attiwonderonk , Haudenosaunee. 

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