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Reiki Sessions

soothe. unwind. restore.


Welcome to the world of Reiki, where healing begins with the gentle touch of universal life force energy.


Originating in Japan as a meditative practice and healing modality by its founder, Dr. Mikao Usui, Reiki has evolved into various branches over the years. At Unleash Your Inner Peace, we practice Usui Reiki, focusing on unconditional love and holding space for your healing journey.

Reiki, often described as universal life force energy, is a loving and compassionate modality that works on the principle of aligning with its energy. Practitioners serve as a facilitator, guiding your mind, body, and soul to synchronize with the healing energy of Reiki. Whether you're new to Reiki or have had previous experiences that left you unsure, rest assured that our practice is grounded in authenticity and compassion. Experience the transformative power of Reiki and embark on a journey of healing, wholeness, and inner peace.

what is reiki?


how can reiki help?

The 'paws'ibilities are endless when it comes to reiki - and custom to YOU!

Here are some things reiki may support:

  • Reduced feelings of stress and increased relaxation

  • Stimulated immune system

  • A natural mood booster

  • Relief from pain and tension (headaches, migraines, etc.)

  • Better sleep and feeling rested

  • Soothes grief and can offer respite or rest in times of high stress

  • Restored balance mentally, emotionally, and spiritually by clearing blockages and supporting healthy functioning of the energy centres

  • Support for the well-being of individuals receiving medical treatments (note: in conjunction - Reiki is not a replacement)

In Person Reiki

In Person Reiki

60 mins - $111 Option to add a reading after (+30 mins) -$155 St Catharines, ON Imagine yourself resting on the heated full body amethyst mat, surrounded by the glow of pink salt lamps. Each session is as unique as you. Feel completely supported and taken care of in your individualized reiki session.  What is a Session Like? We start out talking about your preferences and setting an intention for the session. Clients lay fully clothed on a Reiki table or seated comfortably in a chair. Palo Santo or incense is used for clearing and the chakra activity is checked by sensing your energetic space and/or a pendulum. If you enjoy a hands-on session (you can change your mind at any time) you will feel a gentle touch. Some folks experience heat, tingles, shiveries when they sense Reiki energy. Some folks doze off or move between states of consciousness. Some folks are awake the whole time. As Reiki is a healing modality, some folks experience...  *feeling "lighter," *a reiki release with some tears, *a quiet, meditative hour together, *an intuitive nudge to slow down and rest, *deep peace and relaxation How Should I Prep/ What Should I Wear? *Wear comfy clothing. Layers recommended. Nothing tight. *Drink lots of water before and after. Will I Get a Reading? *An Intuitive psychic reading is a different practice than Reiki. Reach out if you are interested in both.

90 Min. Reiki AND Reading
Reiki Treatment
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Distance Reiki

30 mins distance/online reiki $66 30 min distance + 30 min reading $111 This 30 minute distance reiki session includes an initial consultation, intention setting, and two video options: 1. a time lapse video of the treatment or 2. a live session over zoom or messenger. YES! Reiki is energy, it is not bound physically. Reiki energy can be facilitated across distance, time, and space. This is ideal for people outside of the Niagara area, emergencies, or when you can't get to the reiki studio. You can still carve out the time for your reiki self care from the comfort of your own home! Together we will set an intention for your session and I will invite you to receive Reiki like a sponge. Distance Reiki still works whether you are grocery shopping or resting on a couch. You may, however, wish to find a restorative position to maximize the self care session. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and hydrate well before and after your session. If you've been looking for a customized self care session, this is your sign that now is the time to book yours today!

Distance Reiki
what is reiki
how can reiki help

Reiki for Pet Grief

Reiki Only: 60 mins. In Person $111 -St. Catharines ON 30 mins. Distance (Online) $66 -Online Reiki + Reading 90 mins. In Person $155 -St. Catharines ON 60 mins. Distance (Online) $111 -Online Reiki offers a gentle yet profound source of support for pet PAWrents navigating the challenging journey of pet grief (including anticipatory grief). Through the healing energy of Reiki, you can find solace and comfort in the hardest moments. At Unleash Your Inner Peace, we know the lost feeling all too well. The emotional pain that runs deep. Social comments from folks who don't understand. It's not like a broken arm, this is emotional pain and it can't just be "fixed." But it can be soothed. And we are here to hold space for you AND your pet. Always and FURever. Taking care of yourself honours your pet more than we can ever imagine. It also makes it easier for them to connect with you in your dreams. Reiki can't take it all away - but here are some ways Reiki can help: Emotional Healing: Reiki helps to soothe the heart center and emotional body, providing a safe space to process grief. Release of Pain: The healing energy of Reiki can help release some of the intense emotional pain associated with pet loss. Comfort and Support: Reiki offers a sense of comfort and support during a time of profound loss, providing a gentle presence that nurtures the soul and eases the burden of grief. Connection to Beloved Pet: Reiki can facilitate a deeper connection to the spirit of your soul pet, offering reassurance and a sense of continued presence even after physical transition. (Separation is an illusion) Integration of Loss: Reiki supports the integration of loss into one's life journey, helping people find meaning and purpose in their experience of grief - even in our resistance. Self-Care: Reiki encourages self-care and self-compassion, empowering you to honour their emotions and prioritize you own well-being during this challenging time. We know this is the hardest part of loving our animal companions. Let us hold space for you and your pet. Let us honour your pet together in the beautiful Reiki space. Hugs. Recommended: 4 Reiki Only Sessions $375 (save 15%)

Pet Grief
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