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30 mins Pet Grief Reiki (Distance)

Individualized Reiki Healing Session - 30 mins

  • 30 min
  • 66 Canadian dollars
  • Regional Municipality of Niagara

Service Description

30 mins. Online/Virtual $66 St. Catharines, ON Reiki offers a gentle yet profound source of support for pet PAWrents navigating the challenging journey of pet grief (including anticipatory grief). Through the healing energy of Reiki, you can find solace and comfort in the hardest moments. (And YES! Reiki is energy - not bound to physicality. It can be facilitated over distance, space, and time) At Unleash Your Inner Peace, we know the lost feeling all too well. The emotional pain that runs deep. Social comments from folks who don't understand. It's not like a broken arm, this is emotional pain and it can't just be "fixed." But it can be soothed. And we are here to hold space for you AND your pet. Always and FURever. Taking care of yourself honours your pet more than we can ever imagine. It also makes it easier for them to connect with you in your dreams. Reiki can't take it all away - but here are some ways Reiki can help: Emotional Healing: Reiki helps to soothe the heart center and emotional body, providing a safe space to process grief. Release of Pain: The healing energy of Reiki can help release some of the intense emotional pain associated with pet loss. Comfort and Support: Reiki offers a sense of comfort and support during a time of profound loss, providing a gentle presence that nurtures the soul and eases the burden of grief. Connection to Beloved Pet: Reiki can facilitate a deeper connection to the spirit of your soul pet, offering reassurance and a sense of continued presence even after physical transition. (Separation is an illusion) Integration of Loss: Reiki supports the integration of loss into one's life journey, helping people find meaning and purpose in their experience of grief - even in our resistance. Self-Care: Reiki encourages self-care and self-compassion, empowering you to honour their emotions and prioritize you own well-being during this challenging time. We know this is hard. All of it. Let us hold space for you and your pet. Let us honour your pet together in the beautiful Reiki space. Hugs. Online sessions are available over Zoom, Messenger, or time lapse video. Please be sure your apps and browsers are updated before your appointment time.

Contact Details

  • Niagara, Ontario, Canada

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