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Wed, Mar 15


St Catharines

1:1 Wednesday Reiki Healing Sessions

In person Reiki healing sessions for your overall well-being in St. Catharines. Ongoing 5-6pm.

1:1 Wednesday Reiki Healing Sessions
1:1 Wednesday Reiki Healing Sessions

Time & Location

Mar 15, 2023, 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

St Catharines, Home Studio

About the event

Experience Reiki healing energy in person. You may wish to set an intention for a particular ailment (migraine, PMS) or you may wish to experience a gentle rebalancing.

Option 1 - Reiki Healing Session

Option 2 - "Reiki Reading" Reik Healing Session + a card/medium reading at the end

Both options are 60 minutes and include:

  • consultation
  • grounding and intention setting
  • energetic clearing and balancing
  • intuitive messages if/when available
  • grounding, gratitude, and debrief

Available Times: Wednesdays

(we are hibernating in January - RSVP for Wednesdays starting February 8th)

Where: in my home studio in Port Weller, St. Catharines (address given upon registration)

  • 5-6pm

How to book: send an email to to confirm your spot.

INvestment: $111 by cash or e-transfer

** Are you a Reiki student learning Level 1, 2, or 3? Ask about your discount ;)


Q: How do I prepare for a Reiki Healing Session?

A: Hydrate. Get a good nights sleep when possible. Eat 1-2 hours before Reiki. Wear loose, comfortable, and warm clothing. 

Q: What can I expect in a Reiki Healing Session?

A: You can expect a gentle hands on touch using Reiki's hand placements on the front and side body. This is tailored to your comfort level - it's YOUR session. If you prefer hands off or have ticklish or uncomfortable zones, no problem. It's all energy and this session is all about YOU and your healing.  Your trust, comfort, and healing is number one!

Many clients experience the rest and digest response. This means you may fall asleep, zone in and out, have a muscle twitch here or there, and have some tummy gurgles (all normal - and a GREAT sign that you are reaping the benefits of deep relaxation!)  You may feel the heat from the practioner's hands or energetic tinglings or not much of anything at all. All of the experiences are fine. Reiki is an intelligent energy system that works outside of human direction, rather, facilitation. 

Note: As with any healing modality, body work, emotional work, or spiritual work, you may experience a release (even something like a yoga class or sound healing can bring about a release). This can happen in Reiki - and it's normal to have a tear or two if that's the direction your session takes -  and it's totally okay (maybe even something to be embraced - it's healing) and I'm here for you.

Q: What's the worst that can happen?

A: Good question! The worst thing that could happen is that you simply have a good night's sleep - the most commonly reported "after effect" when I check in with clients!

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