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Yoga and Sound

group and individualized sessions

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Yoga Nidra with the
Gong and Crystal Harp

What would you say if I told you there's a yoga that involves laying down comfortably on your mat snuggled up with a blanket?​

Did you know the rest experienced from a Yoga Nidra session feels equivalent to a 3 hour nap?!

This beautiful and restorative class invites a deep relaxation for your nervous system- supporting mental, emotional, and physical health.

Join us as we invite in our soul's desires and release what no longer serves us. Treat yourself to this unique combination of Yoga Nidra with the healing vibrations of the sacred gong and angelic melodies of the crystal harp.

Yoga for Groups
and Businesses

We specialize in "YOU-nique" events and we will come to you!

  • Custom to your business, team, or group

  • Hatha Yoga- Strengthen + Lengthen

  • Yoga with our dogs

  • Yoga nidra

  • Yoga nidra with the gong

  • Sound Healing Journey

  • Medium messages and Yoga Nidra (includes another practitioner)

  • Reiki restorative (6 max)

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Crystal Harp
for Celebrations

The crystal harp is tuned to 432 hz, the healing frequency. often described as ethereal or angelic music, it is a perfect pairing with both uplifting and celebratory milestones as well as celebrations of life when we could use some gentle healing.

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