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One Paw at a Time

our "fur"ends
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Dog Guides of Canada

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Niagara SPCA and Humane Society

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Meals for Mutts

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Fur Warriors

Yoga with Dog Guides for Dog Guides and Online Yoga

Kennel Sponsorship

Weekly Animal Reiki

Bring Your Dog to Yoga

Trivia Night Sponsorship

Online Yoga Nidra FUNdraiser

Feed the Shelter for the Day at Funkytown, Mexico (Where my Luna is from)

Doggo Project, Mexico

Reiki and Yoga Nidra Online FUNdraisers

Our Story

Our story begins with gratitude. It all started with Dog Guides. My nephew has an amazing dog guide, at no cost to our family. Like many, we witnessed the life-changing impact of Dog Guides firsthand. As a way to give back, we started yoga classes to give back to Dog Guides to thank them.


And it kept going from there! Ontario's shelter and rescue crisis has been building for some time. We believe that if everyone can contribute an act act of kindness as a community we can work together to achieve great things.


As a member of our Unleash Your Inner Peace Community, you have contributed to the well-being of shelter pets locally and internationally. Through your dedicated participation in our yoga classes and reiki sessions, online and in-person, you are an essential part of this journey.


Your commitment to wellness extends far beyond your yoga mat or reiki session. You are creating a ripple effect of kindness that reaches animals in need - one purr, one twitchy nose, one wagging tail, one paw, at a time.

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