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Dog in Cone

reiki to a shelter animal


We are grateful for the care cats and dogs receive at shelters... and even with the loving care, the shelter can be a stressful place for them. Some pets, through no fault of their own, have lost all they have ever known. 

Reiki can help support pets in the shelter. An extra Reiki session gets an animal companion out of their kennel. Animal Reiki/meditation supports all aspects of healing - especially emotional healing. Reiki might help rebuild trust with humans. My soul dog, Gracie, was depressed in the shelter, and therefore overlooked. Animal Reiki/meditation may support animals with their depression or anxiousness to make them more adoptable.

how it works

1. Each session is $50. Donate now and enter your details.

2. If you would like a social media shout out and a photo be sure to add your social media handle and/or email.

3. You'll receive an email update about when the session will take place and after!

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