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awaken the healing energy already inside you


Did you know I found reiki because it healed my dog?

Gracie ruptured her back knee ligament and as an active dog - she was very depressed.

A friend recommended reiki and I couldn't believe how Gracie's disposition changed from depressed to cheery happiness in just a few minutes despite the medication and her injury.

While reiki may not be the only reason her knee healed quickly, avoiding a costly surgery and recovery- the proof was right in front of my eyes!

Since this experience I have trained as Usui Reiki Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3/Reiki Master and Animal Reiki.


I am fascinated by reiki.  While facilitating reiki, I have seen reiki help lessen the pain of a loved one's kidney stones, headaches, support fertility challenges, support balance and stress and tension release. 


My pets often jump up on the couch basking in a reiki session!

Alternative Therapy
Alternative Therapy

So what is reiki then?

Reiki is a universal healing energy.
"Rei" means soul or spirit and "Ki" is vital energy.

Reiki is said to balance, heal, and harmonize your health and wellbeing.

Healing energy is facilitated through the practitioner using gentle hand techniques to your comfort level in person or at a distance throughout the session

Can reiki really be done at a distance?

YES! It's all energy!

While I recommend you settle into a comfortable position, reiki does its thing whether you are at the grocery store or relaxing in a hammock.  

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