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So You Want to Take a Reiki Class... How to Choose the Best Reiki Teacher for YOU

Congratulations! You've felt the call to explore Reiki, and it's led you here. You've done your initial search for "Reiki classes near me," but now you're faced with a new question: which teacher to choose?

Finding the right Reiki teacher is an important step in your Reiki journey. For every student there is a teacher, and vice versa!

Finding Your Perfect Fit

  • Learning Preferences: Do you thrive in small, intimate groups or larger classroom settings? Perhaps you prefer a one-on-one learning experience.

  • Schedule and Flexibility: Consider your lifestyle. Can you commit to weekly classes, or would a weekend workshop better suit your needs?

  • Connection with the Teacher: Intuition is a powerful tool. Do you feel a sense of connection with the teacher's energy and values?

Course Structure and Logistics

  • Class Length: The class duration is crucial. If you aspire to become a Reiki teacher someday, a longer course (like the 8-hour minimum required for Level 1 by the Canadian Reiki Association) is recommended.

  • Online vs. In-Person: Consider if online learning suits you, or if the in-person experience is essential. Remember, some Reiki associations only recognize in-person attunements and certificates. It's best to check this for your area beforehand (even if you do not want to join now, you may want to at another time)

  • Practice Time: The more practice time included in the course, the better equipped you'll be to utilize Reiki after the class.

Knowing Your "Why"

  • What motivates you to learn Reiki? Are you seeking to complement other healing practices, or embark on a spiritual journey? Understanding your purpose can help prioritize what matters most in a class.


  • Reiki classes are an investment. Prices can vary, so be sure to factor this into your decision. Some teachers may offer payment plans to ease the financial commitment.

Understanding Lineage

  • There are various Reiki styles. At Unleash Your Inner Peace, we study and teach Usui Reiki for people and Let the Animals Lead® Method; other branches exist. Choose a teacher who aligns with the type of Reiki you're drawn to.

  • Lineage refers to the teacher's lineage of Reiki teachers. While there's no hierarchy in Reiki, Reiki is Reiki. Understanding lineage can provide insight into the teacher's style of Reiki.

Building Trust and Confidence

  • Working with energy requires trust, especially for beginners. Consider booking a Reiki session with the teacher to assess compatibility.

  • There's no pressure to commit right away. Different teachers have different styles. Find someone you feel comfortable with.

Additional Considerations

  • Extra Requirements: Some teachers may have prerequisites for higher-level classes.

  • Opportunity to Practice: Look for opportunities to practice Reiki after the class, such as online communities or Reiki shares.

  • Ask Questions: Don't hesitate to connect with the teacher via phone or email to get a feel for their teaching style and approach.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

If you're in Hamilton to Niagara Falls, ON and feeling called to explore Reiki with me, Teresa, I offer Reiki classes for both people and animals! Reach out to get started

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So You Want to Take a Reiki Class...
How to Choose Your Teacher

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