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Learn Reiki Level I (First Degree)

awaken the healing energy already inside you

Holding Hands
Holding Hands

Have you ever thought about learning Reiki? For yourself? For your loved ones? For your pets? Personal or business?


If your curiosity is piqued or you feel a calling.... you are ready!  Reiki often finds you!


No prior experience or skills are required. Awaken the healing energy that is already inside of you.

About Reiki Studies

There are three levels ("degrees") of Reiki.

Level 1 and Level 2 are Practitioner Levels. Level 1 focuses first on the self. Level 2 introduces the hand symbols and distance healing and is considered a practitioner level. Level 3 consolidates the first two levels, introduces more hand symbols and enables the now Reiki Master to teach and attune future students (if desired). You don't have to teach to study Level 3.

Here's what we will cover in Reiki I


  • What is Reiki?

  • How Reiki works

  • Benefits of Reiki

  • Conditions Reiki can support the healing of

  • History of Reiki and Reiki Teachers

  • The 5 Reiki Precepts

  • The 3 Pillars of Reiki

  • Practice feeling energy

  • Layers of the Energy bodies and Chakras

  • How to protect and ground yourself

  • Receive your Reiki I Attunement

  • Demo and Practice: Reiki hand positions to treat oneself

  • Demo and Practice: Reiki hand positions for treating others on a chair, on a table

  • Overview of the 21 day self Reiki cleanse

This course includes a manual, Reiki attunement, and Reiki Certificate.  Ongoing mentorship is included - I'm here for you!


Alternative Therapy

Before Our Session: 

Required: You will receive a reading by email about the origins of Reiki (approx 1 hr)

Optional and Recommended: Sign up for an in-person Reiki Session for yourself at a discounted rate


During Our session: 

Part informational/part experiential (demos and practices). See Course Outline. 


After Our Session: 

Required for Level II and Recommended: A 21-day cleanse/ self care practice is recommended (and beautiful).

Optional and Recommended: Ask questions! I'm always an email/message away. Join the Reiki Shares. Connect with our like-hearted community, practice reiki, and share experiences (see events page).

INvestment $200 total (tax incl)

Please register at least 5 days before the workshop so you have time to complete the pre-workshop reading (approx 1 hr).


Deposit or total is due by e-transfer at time of sign up (payment plans available, sum will be paid in full before class please)


Breaks are scheduled in. There will be some herbal and yogi tea available.  Please bring your lunch and wear comfortable clothing (Layers recommended!)


Groups are intentionally small for lots of talk and experiential time. If you have any questions, I'm here. 

Join our small gathering of like-hearted friends.  It is an honour to share this healing practice with you. 

ANYone can facilitate reiki.  How about it?!


Want in? Register at the link above.

*we will aim for 5pm, but please don't go until your questions have been answered!

Due to the small and intimate size of the group, no refunds will be issued at this time.

Individualized 1:1 Learning Sessions are available by request ($350).

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