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reiki  +  restore

Reiki Restore is much like a nap! The positions are gentle and slow in a seated or laying down position. Your body will be supported on blankets and yoga pillows. 


While it looks like you are 'doing nothing' ... a lot is actually happening when you activate your "rest and digest" nervous system! As you melt into your blankets- the benefits of relaxation and restoration will be offered to your nervous system. It's an invitation for slowing down and healing on a deep level. Comfort is the only goal here - when the body relaxes the mind is invited to follow.

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To support your relaxation, reiki is offered. Reiki is a universal healing energy. "Rei" means soul or spirit and "Ki" is vital energy. Reiki is said to balance, heal, and harmonize your health and wellbeing. Healing energy is facilitated through your session leader using gentle hand techniques to your comfort level throughout the class.


What to Wear and Bring

Please bring a yoga mat to rest on. You might like to bring a water bottle. You are welcome to bring your own eye pillow, pillow, or blanket - they are also available for you to use at the studio. Wear comfy and warm clothing that allows for some gentle movements. 


If you've never experienced the peace and tranquility of a Reiki Infused Relaxation Session in your Self Care routine... now might be the time to try! Subscribe below to hear about upcoming sessions first!



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