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Yoga Parties

Have a special event or gathering coming up? Dog Mom Club?
Or maybe a girl's night in? Pre-wedding or bachelorette? Birthday ?
Book Club? Self Care Club? Team? Groups of colleagues or a work wellness event? Groups of caregivers-professional or familial. Retreat?

A surprise for your best friends...

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Classes Available

We specialize in "YOU-nique" events:

* Custom to your business, team, or group
* Hatha Yoga- Strengthen + Lengthen
* Yoga with our dogs

* Yoga nidra

* Yoga nidra with the gong

* Sound Healing
* Medium messages and Yoga Nidra (includes another practitioner)
* Reiki restorative (6 max)

How to Book

* Email

*Please include date, time, type and length of class

How does a yoga party work?

Email (see above) for details and quote.

Have your friends bring a yoga mat (and other comforts if it's a yoga nidra/gong class)

I will come to you and your special event!

Girls at Bachelorette Party
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